Roof Cleaning

If you notice moss is forming on your roof, it is recommended to have it promptly removed due to the damage it can cause.

Moss, algae and fungi generally form on older roofs and can cause stress to the roof structure. Tiles can break and gaps appear allowing rain water to enter, increasing condensation in the roof. Guttering can also become blocked allowing water to penetrate into your walls, causing damp and mould to form.

At A & L Cleaning we have the knowledge, equipment and chemicals to remove moss from your roof professionally and efficiently. We don't climb onto the roof or use roof ladders, we work from gutter height using a ladder, tower or cherry picker.

THE PROCESS - Roof Cleaning with Biocide self-cleaning

If larger moss is needed to be removed we would cover areas around the roof with suitable covering ready for the moss removing process, then start to remove the deposits of moss manually with roof scrapers designed for all types of roof tiles attached to telescopic poles

Once we are satisfied the bulk of the moss has been removed manually, we would then apply the soft wash treatment (Biocide) to the tiles (spray) this is when the soft wash gets to work and starts to kill any remaining moss, algae and lichens that are still on the roof. Your roof will then be self-cleaning for up to 12 months.

When we have completed the roof clean, we then clear out the gutters removing all remaining debris that may have fallen when cleaning the roof. This treatment will prolong any regrowth for 2 – 3 years.

Roof Cleaning Benefits

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